Colorado Individual Income Tax Rate 4.63% of Taxable Federal Income


Sales Taxes

Taxing Entity Rate Exemptions
State of Colorado 2.9% A,B,C,D,E,R,G,H,K,L,M
Routt County 1% A,B,C,K
Hayden 4% Applies to all sales
Oak Creek 3% Applies to all sales
Steamboat Springs 4% Applies to all sales
Special Taxes    
     Accomodation 1% Applies to short-term accommodations
     Local Marketing Dist. 2% Applies to short-term accommodations
     Schools 0.5% Applies to all sales
     Air Flight Program 0.25% Applies to local marketing district
Yampa 2% A,D,E,F

Exemptions to Sales Taxes by Category Type

A Food for home consumption
B Machinery and machine tools
C Gas, electricit, etc. for residential use
D Occasional sales by charitable organizations
E Farm equimpment
F Pesticides
G Food sold through vending machines
H Low-emitting vehicles (over 10,000 lbs.)
K Renewable energy components
L Beetle wood products
M School-related sales

Source: Colorado Department of Revenue

Vehicle Fuel Taxes

Sales taxes are not collected on vehicle fuel sales. Instead an excise tax is collected per gallon.

Federal   18.4 cents
State   22 cents
  Total 40.4 cents
National Average   48.8 cents

Source: Colorado Department of Revenue

Property Taxes Assessment Rates

The City of Steamboat Springs does not levy a property tax.  For information about property tax rates for Routt County, schools, local governments and special taxing districts, please contact the Routt County Assessor or visit Routt County’s document center.

Source: Colorado Department of Revenue

Routt County Property Share of Assessment by Property Class

Property Type % of Total Valuation
Vacant 12%
Residential* 51.8%
Commercial 20.6%
Industrial 1%
Agriculture 2%
Natural Resources 4.7%
Oil & Gas 3.6%
State Assessed 4.7%
Total 100%

* Note: Since 2003 the residential assessment rate has been frozen at 7.96% of market value. As a
result the residential share is slowly growing larger than 45%.

Uses of Property Taxes in Routt County in 2011 as Percentage of Collected

Taxing Entity
School Districts $24,123,398 43%
Junior Colleges $3,712,870 7%
County Government $17,148,385 31%
Cities/Towns $674,611 1%
Local Improvement and Special Districts $10,346,684 18%
Total $56,005,948 100%

Source: Colorado Department of Local Affairs

Examples of Property Tax Collections by Type

Property Type Assessment Rate Assessed Value Propety Tax Owed
Residential 7.9% $39,500 $1,929
Commercial 29% $145,000 $7,082
Agriculture 4% $20,000 $977

Source: Colorado Department of Local Affairs