Economic Development Council

EDC Economic Vision

The Yampa Valley sustains healthy, livable, vibrant communities with a diverse economy that builds upon emerging trends while preserving core economic and social values, cultural heritage and natural environment.

The Steamboat Springs Economic Development Council is a 29-member advisory committee that provides community liaison and guidance to the Chamber Economic Development program. Its mission is to promote environmentally sound and long-term economic stability and diversification.

The EDC includes representatives from all walks of business life, including finance, technology, outdoor recreation, marketing, government, health care, nonprofit organizations, agriculture, education, construction, tourism and small business. The current EDC chair is Financial Consultant Chris Tamucci.

EDC Staff

  • John Bristol, Economic Development Director, Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association, John Bristol, 970-875-6001

EDC History

The Steamboat Springs Economic Development Council was established in 2007 as a committee of the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association.

EDC Website Listings

Services, businesses and other websites listed on the Steamboat Springs Economic Development Council website are meant to show the breadth of services and organizations available to assist incoming businesses, entrepreneurs and employees. This information has been compiled through local resources, data and interviews. The listings should be considered a starting point for your own research and business networking and not an all inclusive list nor an official recommendation. The majority of entities listed are located within Routt County, while a few of the organizations are located outside Routt County but provide services to businesses in the county.