YPN Membership & Benefits

As a part of the Chamber Resort Association, YPN provides its members the chance to learn, explore, and have fun in a variety of ways. From volunteer opportunities, to leadership development seminars, to social gatherings.


Supporting and connecting young professionals of Steamboat Springs as they progress in community leadership.

Our Values

Lead: Support the future navigators of the Steamboat Springs community.
Connect: Foster relationships among young professionals in order to share ideas and opportunities.
Volunteer: Encourage philanthropy within the community through volunteer opportunities.
Grow: Promote personal and professional development through informative and motivating events and tools.

Benefits of YPN Membership

  • Ability to participate in YPN seminars, monthly events, workshops, etc.
  • Access to YPN only monthly events with engaging speakers, exciting activities, and networking in a social environment.
  • Discounted pricing for Chamber events (Economic Summit, networking events, educational events, etc.)
  • Support the growth and development of a young professionals program in Steamboat Springs.
  • Involvement in a group that strives to bring awareness to the importance of young professionals and their ability to impact economic growth in the Yampa Valley.

Join Today

For questions about membership contact Sarah Leonard, (970) 875-7006.

NEW - YPN Identity Campaign


Our organization is made up of a diverse network of individuals from many backgrounds, professions and age brackets. Because of this, we are proud to roll out an identity campaign in which we highlight members of our organization to the greater Steamboat Springs community with hopes of strengthening our brand and expanding our network. Keep an eye out for the campaign rolling out this week featuring Vivan Boza.

I am YPNKgalemang Vivian Pule-Boza

Botho Accounting Services, Owner, Accountant/Bookkeeper

Place of Birth?
Botswana, Africa

What brought you to Steamboat?
A boy, the mountains, a small town to make an impact in.

How long have you lived in Steamboat?
4 years, 3 months.

What would you like people to know about your profession?
I am passionate about bookkeeping and small business success. I work daily to help foster financial literacy, especially among young people.

What inspires you?
I think this guy sums it up really well:
"I'm really inspired by the possibility of change and how to seize that. I believe those things start with a combination of proving something is possible, telling the right people about it and then pick up the torch and carry on from there. The right way to think about it is planting the seed of what is possible and enabling a lot of people to go after it." - Tim Chen (Nerdwallet)

What sets you apart?
BOTHO - I am because you are. Botho is an example of a social contract of mutual respect, responsibility and accountability that members of society have toward each other and defines a process for earning respect by first giving it, and gaining empowerment by empowering others.

What motivates you to give back/get involved in the community?
The idea that when more is given, more is expected. I believe we are all one and should not try to get ahead alone but foster more interdependence and collaboration.

What have you learned from your career/community work?
Compassion: Not everyone has taken a business class and not everyone really understands money so I approach my clients with compassion to make sure we work together to enhance their knowledge of best practices.

How do you think YPN has positively impacted your career?
Since I moved here, there haven't been a lot of opportunities to connect with other young people of similar interests. I attended a few YPN Happy Hours and made some new friends and professional connections. The best part is their monthly newsletter which introduced me to Junior Achievement (JA), a program that I participated in many years ago in elementary school that made me believe that anything was possible if you had the right attitude, tools and the guts not to give up.

How do you hope your contributions through work or volunteering will help the YPN or Steamboat community?
For me, being involved with Junior Achievement is the beginning and the end of my mission. Helping others with career readiness, realizing economic success, or sparking entrepreneurial spirit is very rewarding.

What is your advice for other young professionals in Steamboat?
This community needs us. In a community made up of many transplants, I hope we can realize that an individual is born out of and into a community. We need to rally for our community and look out for each others best interests whilst keeping our eyes on the prize.

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