YPN Membership & Benefits

As a part of the Chamber Resort Association, YPN provides its members the chance to learn, explore, and have fun in a variety of ways. From volunteer opportunities, to leadership development seminars, to social gatherings.


Supporting and connecting young professionals of Steamboat Springs as they progress in community leadership.

Our Values

Lead: Support the future navigators of the Steamboat Springs community.
Connect: Foster relationships among young professionals in order to share ideas and opportunities.
Volunteer: Encourage philanthropy within the community through volunteer opportunities.
Grow: Promote personal and professional development through informative and motivating events and tools.

Benefits of YPN Membership

  • Ability to participate in YPN seminars, monthly events, workshops, etc.
  • Access to YPN only monthly events with engaging speakers, exciting activities, and networking in a social environment.
  • Discounted pricing for Chamber events (Economic Summit, networking events, educational events, etc.)
  • Support the growth and development of a young professionals program in Steamboat Springs.
  • Involvement in a group that strives to bring awareness to the importance of young professionals and their ability to impact economic growth in the Yampa Valley.

Join Today

For questions about membership contact Anna Bridger, (970) 875-7004.

Member of the Month - Erin Orr

Each month a Steamboat Springs young professional is highlighted on the website and in the YPN newsletter. See the past young professional members of the month.

Erin Orr

I am the NW Colorado Account Manager for Butcherknife Brewing Co.

Place of Birth?
I was born in Dubuque, IA but I grew up in the small town of Cascade, IA.

Did you go to college, if so where?
I graduated with a BA in Advertising and a minor in Apparel Merchandise, Production and Design from Iowa State University.

What brought you to Steamboat?
During college I took many ski trips out to Colorado, a couple to Steamboat, specifically. When I decided that I was done living in a city, I decided to pick a ski town. I guess Steamboat was calling me.

What was your favorite YPN event?
My favorite YPN event is OktoberWest Beer Stroll. It's a great event that brings people to the downtown businesses and well, BEER!

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I don’t know, I'm still growing up.

Where do you hope to be in ten years?
In ten years I hope to be just as healthy and happy as I am now.

Who has inspired you or been a role model in your life?
My dance instructor, Debbie Moser, has been such a powerful influence in my life. Not only did she teach me some killer dance moves, but she taught me confidence, self-worth, respect, timeliness and much more. I traveled the world performing with my dance school and it has made me the adventurous person I am today.

What's your favorite summer activity to do in Steamboat?
This past summer, I was introduced to wakesurfing. It is now my favorite thing to do in the summer. There is nothing more refreshing than jumping into a crisp, cool mountain lake.

What three things do you want people to know about you?
1. I am pretty much an open book and there is not much that I hide.
2. My eyes are very sensitive and I squint a lot. This has been mistaken many times as me scowling at people. People that know me well, know I smile and laugh about 97% of the time. If you feel as though I'm ever glaring at you, call me out, because that is not the case.
3. It usually takes me two to three times to watch a movie. I fall asleep to almost every movie I attempt to watch.

Ski or snowboard?
I grew up skiing, but switched to snowboarding in college. I primarily snowboard, but like to get back on two planks every once in awhile.   

Favorite bar?
Any bar that sells Butcherknife Beer!

Favorite restaurant?
There are tons of great restaurants in Steamboat, my favorite just depends on what I feel like that day!

Favorite ice cream?
Sadly, I am unable to eat ice cream. However, there is a delicious Prickly Pear sorbet that I'm in love with.

Favorite thing to do in mud season?
Go to the beach!

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