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Routt County Humane Society

  • Overview

    The Routt County Humane Society, Inc., (RCHS) is a 501(c)3 organization, established in 1985 to serve the welfare of animals in Routt County, Colorado. Since its inception, RCHS has worked in partnership with the Steamboat Springs Animal Shelter (SSAS), a facility of City of Steamboat Springs to provide veterinary care for shelter animals as well as spay/neuter to reduce future unwanted pet population. We have also become a source of assistance for low income family pets. Steamboat Springs Colorado is our home and we aim to assist animals in need in Routt County. We count on the generosity of our local community so that we can provide veterinary care for dogs, cats, and the occasional bunnies and ferrets at the Steamboat Springs Animal Shelter (a City of Steamboat Springs facility). We also use your donations to assist pets in need from low income families and for trap/neuter/release in feral cat colonies. We believe that spaying and neutering helps reduce future, unwanted pet population in our community and makes for healthier, longer-lived pets. Join us! Our Mission The Routt County Humane Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals, providing humane education, promoting spaying and neutering as a means of decreasing the number of unwanted pets, and encouraging respect for the dignity and worth of all animals.

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