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  • 1120 S. Lincoln Ave., Unit F, Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
  • (970) 871-1055
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    There was Peter and Patty, two snow crazy merino wool converts from Vermont. They roamed the woolderness in their beat-up old van, the first to introduce merino virgins to the joy of socks. Spreading the wool. They cured chief stinkfoot and crazy blister, and soon had so many converts that Peter and Patty started the best darn merino sock empire in the U.S. weaving their names into sock folk legend. But Peter and Patty yearned for the road and their feet began to itch, which was strange because merino is itch-free. So now they roll with the nomadic point6 tribe. This tribe has pimped out some sweet vans, put in some banging sound systems and now spread the wool asking people to have socks with them. Because once you've experienced point6, your socks life will never be the same again.

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