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Laura the Butcher

  • Overview

    Laura Posiak was raised in a small town in rural Ontario, Canada. In her late teens, her family relocated to the metropolitan New York area. These contrasting experiences laid the foundation for her love of food, merging down to earth basics with an enthusiasm for diversity.

    After receiving a Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts and Service Management Cum Laude from Paul Smith’s College in the Adirondacks, New York, Laura moved west where she worked and managed in top San Francisco restaurants. One required crack of dawn trips to the farmer’s market which ignited her passion for farm to table cuisine; she decided to leave the kitchen in order to cultivate her knowledge of food directly through farming.

    Through working on organic farms in California and New England, Laura recognized the importance of small-scale farming in maintaining quality and sustainability. Determined to broaden her scope, she then traveled abroad, living and working to integrate into the different diverse food cultures and farms throughout Europe and the South Pacific.

    Her passion for butchery began in 2010 while working alongside the town butcher in a small village outside of Parma, Italy. There she learned traditional methods of animal preparation, harvesting, nose to tail butchery and the traditional Italian art of curing meat. Upon returning to the United States, Laura continued to refine her butchery skills while working at local butcher shops as well as processing animals privately for small local farmers. She has also pursued the educational aspects of butchery by designing curriculum and teaching at a culinary school in Maine.

    Laura believes that through traditional practice, meat consumption can be an ethical and sustainable delicacy.