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Gerber Berend Design Build

  • 2546 Copper Ridger Drive, #D, Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
  • (970) 879-1725
  • Overview

    Why Design Build Our Design Build team is unparalleled in transforming our client’s dreams into extraordinary homes. Gerber Berend Design Build combines experienced designers with meticulous craftsmen into one Integrated Team, eliminating the lack of communication that often takes place between architects and builders for a seamless home building experience. Our Clients At Gerber Berend Design Build, we understand that successful projects begin with a solid relationship between the homeowner and the Design Build team. Great architecture begins with unique clients and properties. Our Design Build professionals know how to listen in order to transform our client’s specific visions into reality. We believe that every design should respond to and engage with the distinct characteristics of the home building site and its particular relationship with the sun. Our designs and execution adhere to an intrinsic respect for the expression of materials' natural characteristics and their interrelationships. Our sophisticated understanding of the balance between spaces and the natural environment provides for intimate, human-scaled environments that encourage creative living. Above all, we have a passion and excitement for creating inspired living spaces through collaboration and discovery, while forming enduring relationships with our clients and their families. How Design Build Differs From Other Architectural Firms Too often, a lack of communication between architects and builders or lack of expertise results in bad building performance, substandard finish details, or unnecessary and unexpected costs for the owner. Embracing a collaborative Design Build model, Gerber Berend ensures the seamless transfer of information from the Designer to the Builder through a team that has an established, efficient and well-practiced working relationship. Design Build eliminates discrepancies or misinformation between the Architect and Builder that might otherwise cause cost overruns, delays, uncomfortable gaps in design consistency or improper execution of construction details. The person who designs a structure coordinates the project on site, assuring that structural and aesthetic details are understood and carried out throughout the construction process. How Our Clients Benefit Building a home is notoriously challenging. Our job, our commitment to our clients, is to provide a seamless transfer of information from the Designer to the Builder as part of our efficient and practiced working relationship. Just as our Architects are involved in the construction process, our Builders provide invaluable feedback throughout the design process. Cost estimates during each phase of design are built into the process, providing overall budget checks throughout. Further, as details develop and the project scope changes, cost estimates are revisited, designs and budgets are revised, and expectations are realigned between the building team and the clients. Ultimately, a client has one Design Build team to stand behind the entire scope of the home building process, ensuring that the structure is well protected and functioning properly. Inherent in our Design Build process, owners incur no additional costs associated with design coordination in the field. Our Team With over 40 years of architecture and construction experience between us, Hans and I realized there had to be a better way to build houses. We have the proven field experience to properly plan and execute each design detail, from understanding our clients' individual visions to implementing each finish detail. With over five years and dozen of successful clients later, Gerber Berend Design Build bases our designs on our clients’ needs, whether they are looking for modern architects or sustainable architects, or simply an exemplary design build firm. Our Promise To provide a Design Build experience that offers efficiency, outstanding service, and an extraordinary product customized to your needs, all with great value. With each project we take on, our passion and commitment shines through. Intimate relationships and friendships develop through the intersection of collaboration, the art of design and construction. For us, this is the true reward of our talents. We look forward to working with you to bring your vision to life. GERBER BEREND • DESIGN BUILD