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Colorado Institute for Excellence

  • Overview

    The Colorado Institute for Excellence (CIE), was recently created in partnership between long-time friends and Steamboat Springs residents Ellen Kendall and Heather Martyn. CIE is a development and improvement company whose purpose is to help organizations achieve excellence in all areas - people process and performance -through delivering engaging and impactful workshops, customized retreats, video courses, and on-going consulting support.

    With their combined 50 + years of working and living locally, Ellen and Heather know Steamboat, and are uniquely qualified to understand and respond to the critical needs of local organizations. The CIE combines the backgrounds of both partners:

    Ellen’s 35 + years of experience as an organization improvement consultant, working with hundreds of organizations of all types and sizes locally, nationally and Internationally; Heather’s 20 + years of experience in the private sector as a local entrepreneur and business owner, as well as in non-profit and government agencies. Please find us at