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Classic Air Medical

  • 2570 Copper Ridge Circle, Unit A, Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
  • (970) 871-4652
  • Overview

    Originally, Classic was known locally only as Classic Tour Helicopters. We provided scenic flights for paying customers over Bryce Canyon. Knowing of the chartered resource in the area, the National Park Service would often call us for air transport service from Lake Powell when an individual's injuries and/or location warranted a more efficient method of extraction than the standard boat and ambulance. Classic Lifeguard was created in response to the need for air medical evacuation services. A helicopter was dedicated to the operation and a specialized flight crew was implemented. Classic Lifeguard has developed extensively since the beginning and will continue to progress and improve along with this rapidly evolving industry. Classic now operates 6 helicopters and 3 fixed wing aircrafts. For over 26 years, Classic Lifeguard has been filling needs for emergency air medical transport services to emergency rooms and hospitals. We have built a reputation of excellence and safety in providing emergency and inter-facility transport services. CLASSIC LIFEGUARD’S AEROMEDICAL MISSION IS TO PROVIDE A SAFE, RAPID AND PROFESSIONAL RESPONSE; ONE THAT CAN CONTINUALLY MEET THE UNIQUE SCENE AND INTER-FACILITY TRANSPORT CHALLENGES INHERENT TO THIS SPECTACULAR AND DIVERSE ENVIRONMENT. PERSONNEL KNOWLEDGEABLE AND EXPERIENCED IN THE CARE OF CRITICALLY ILL OR INJURED PATIENTS ARE PROVIDED FOR EACH TRANSPORT IN ORDER TO ASSURE EXCELLENT PATIENT CARE. The Classic Lifeguard Air Ambulance Membership Plan is open to everyone at an affordable price. To qualify, a patient must have medical insurance: • Eliminates of out-of-pocket costs for emergency air transportation to the patient. • Work with the patient’s medical insurance company for billing. Membership benefits take effect one day after receipt of a completed application with payment of the annual fee. In the event of a medically necessary transport all payments received by the patient for the transport are transferred to Classic Lifeguard as payment for services. Sources of those payments may include health, medical, auto, supplemental insurance, workers compensation, and liability plans and policies.