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Chief Theater

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    Located in downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the historic Chief Theater was once a single venue theater offering live performances and events from the late 1920's through the late 1950's. The Chief theater was drastically remodeled in the 80's and the space was divided into a 4-plex movie theater with 2 retail spaces. Historic photos and stories from the past help paint a picture of this dynamic hub of entertainment in the downtown area. Knowing that our modern downtown area currently lacks a dedicated performance venue and hearing that the Chief Theater was recently listed for sale, we felt this was a perfect opportunity to take matters into our own hands, the hands of the community. We represent the community and welcome all the support available to make this happen. A May 2010 Steamboat Pilot survey indicated that 65% felt that music and live entertainment were key components to support our growing artistic culture and community. The rehabilitated space could be used by the various groups in town that currently struggle for a place to call home and a venue to display their talents and educate our youth. From film festivals to battle of the bands, from theater to dance, the Friends of the Chief want to help guide the rehabilitation project so it becomes the 21st Century hub for local arts and culture. In addition, we want to incorporate the design and performance standards required to be a regional cultural center that can attract national groups. This means creating a hi-tech, state of the art facility that can welcome the larger touring acts, musical and theatrical, that currently only receive occasional welcome during an outdoor summer festival if at all. These features would allow year round, in-demand entertainment to finally reach Steamboat Springs!