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    Karen D. Gilroy, author of “Discovering the Healer Within” and “Nourishing the Healer Within”, helps others regain and maintain health. The human body has an infinite intelligence, which is constantly analyzing all internal and external conditions. Discover the tools to create positive change in your life to become the captain of your own destiny. The interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit as well as the self-healing abilities of the body, are the keys to making the most of our time on earth. Learn how to use your conscious thoughts to design a happy, healthy, loving and successful life. Services include; health and weight management, energy work for healing, reiki and acutonics, reflexology, aromatouch technique, psychosomatic therapy and spiritual counseling. Karen D. Gilroy is a lifelong resident of Hayden and works throughout the Yampa Valley as a traveling health coach. Her mission is to help other discover the self healing and self repairing abilities of their bodies. Health is a choice and the more you understand the functions of the organs and systems within the body as well as the effects of the things you consume, the better you are able to partner with your own health. Karen has a masters in holistic health and a masters in natural health and nutrition. She is the author of Discovering the Health Within and Nourishing the Healer Within. Her Min focus on health includes proper food combining and the use of pure essential oils to help create a natural hygiene within the body. Once the body is clean on the inside, free of toxins, the immune system and all other systems work at peak performance. She offers a free Zyto Compass Bio Marker test to all new clients which helps determine where the body may be performing below it's ultimate capacity.