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Steamboat Springs Code of Kindness


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Kindness comes in all forms, from being kind to others, to protecting the environment and animals, and taking care of yourself. Rooted in the timeless principles of the cowboy code, the Steamboat Springs Code of Kindness shares ways to appreciate the land and each other, to make more memories with less impact. We encourage you to adopt the Code of Kindness below and stick to it. 

  1. Practice patience, tip your hat, and give a smile because after all, you’re in Steamboat Springs.
  2. Keep wildlife wild by admiring from a distance
  3. Walk and bike more, drive less, and keep to the trail.
  4. Channel your inner bigfoot and Leave No Trace of your visit.
  5. Tube the Yampa River without trashing the Yampa River.
  6. Understand fire restrictions before you head out, fully extinguish campfires, and know a s’more isn’t worth risking a wildfire.
  7. Make a plan before you venture out and be prepared for a mountain of conditions.
  8. Fill up your reusable water bottle and stay hydrated. All. Day. Long.
  9. Know your limits and take care of yourself so first responders won’t need to.


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