Leadership Steamboat

Examining the Community, Creating Future Leaders

Since 1992, the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association and Colorado Mountain College have facilitated the Leadership Steamboat class, a leadership training program organized to develop leaders in business and community service.

Leadership Steamboat

Each session, students are selected from a myriad of local businesses to meet roughly once a month and learn more about the community through field trips and forums designed around the basic elements of the local economy and politics as well as the issues, infrastructure, and local businesses that interest the class.

Being a leader in our valley is a choice we make. Leadership can take a variety of forms; it can lie dormant for years and emerge suddenly due to a passion or life experience; it can be a lifestyle. There are many styles of leadership - from charismatic figurehead to quiet sage. In any case, a certain commitment to improving our world, whatever that may be, is a crucial component. To improve our world requires understanding. As Steven Covey found in his famous 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, one such habit is "Seek first to understand, then to be understood." Understanding the issues facing this valley, the politics, and the players is a first step in discovering what role we might play in improving this world, this valley, this community.

The leadership development will be led by Steve Muntean from The Muntean Leadership Group. For over 25 years the Muntean Leadership Group has helped organizations and leaders vision their future and develop the capabilities to realize it. Steve will provide participants with the tools, skills and behaviors essential to becoming a great leader.

Topic areas include:

  • Qualities of great leaders
  • How to motivate team members
  • The 5 practices of leadership
  • Creating a coaching culture
  • Building team effectiveness
  • Personal and team accountability
  • How to leverage  your unique talents

Application deadline is September 7, 2017. Class is limited to 25 participants.

2017/18 Leadership Application

2017/18 Course Outline & Schedule

Program Facilitators

Kara Stoller – CEO, Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association since February 2017. Previously Kara was the Marketing Director as well as the Special Events Director at the Chamber. Kara is a 2011 Leadership Steamboat graduate. Feel free to contact Kara at kara@steamboatchamber.com or 970-875-7007.

Randy Rudasics – Manager, Yampa Valley Entrepreneurship Center at Colorado Mountain College since 2006. Previously Randy was President of Star Staffing Services in South Bend, Indiana and was a Manager with Hewlett Packard Company. Randy is a 2007 Leadership Steamboat graduate. For questions, please call 970-870-4491 or email rrudasics@coloradomtn.edu

2016 Leadership Class Project: LiftUp PATH

The Class of 2016 built a sidewalk this year. But not just any sidewalk; Leadership 2016 built a sidewalk that enabled the local food bank (LiftUp of Routt County) to expand its operations. In 2014, LiftUp purchased the old mortuary, in to which LiftUp planned on expanding its operations. In 2015, when LiftUp approached the City of Steamboat for its permits, LiftUp was informed that before getting a permit, it would have to build a sidewalk, the cost of which would likely have exceeded $50,000, funds which LiftUp did not have available to it. 

When Leadership 2016 heard of the situation, its class of twenty-five students agreed to tackle the issue. Over the course of the 2015-16 year, Leadership 2016 was able to engage strategic partners, help LiftUp with the permitting process, and raise the necessary funds through monetary and in-kind donations, enabling them to build the sidewalk. When the sidewalk was completed in June 2016, LiftUp was able to secure the necessary permits, and opened up its new-and-improved (and larger) foodbank in July 2016.

Community Collaboration for Success

Leadership Steamboat approaches this project as an outsider with the intention to bring all local and regional partners together to accomplish the mission of the project.

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