Winter Carnival Street Events

On Saturday and Sunday hundreds of people line Lincoln Avenue to witness the Street Events. The Street Events are a wildly popular and entertaining show featuring children on skis (or snowboards) being pulled behind horses down a snow-covered Lincoln Avenue. Horse Events include: Street Slalom, Ski Joring, Ring & Spear, Ring & Box, and the famous Donkey Jump.

Horse Events are for children ages 6 to 14 years old, while Non-Horse Events are for children ranging in age from infant to 14 years old. See below for the 2016 Street Events winners.

Event Ticketing

A Winter Carnival button is required for entry and spectating at all events. Purchase a Winter Carnival Button ($10.00) to show your support of the Winter Carnival and the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.

Event Ticketing


Be on the snow and get the best view of all the action by volunteering at the Winter Carnival Street Events. Volunteers will receive a free breakfast burrito from Creekside Cafe after morning setup. Follow the link below or contact Sarah Konopka 970-875-7005 to sign up.


Saturday, February 11


Sunday, February 12



8:15 a.m. 100m Nordic Dash*     9:00 a.m. Ring & Spear (6-9)
9:00 a.m. Street Slalom (10-14)   9:30 a.m. Obstacle Course (50yds) (5-7)
9:30 a.m. 3-Legged Race (50yds) (5-8)   9:40 a.m. Obstacle Course (50yds) (8-10)
9:40 a.m. Ski Joring (6-9)   9:50 a.m. Obstacle Course (50yds) (11-14)
10:00 a.m. 3-Legged Race (75yds) (9-11)   10:00 a.m. Street Slalom (6-9)
10:05 a.m. Ski Joring (10-14)   10:20 a.m. 25yd Dog Dash (0-5)
10:35 a.m. 25yd Dash (3-5)   10:25 a.m. 25yd Dad Dash (0-5)
10:40 a.m. Ring & Steer (6-9)   10:30 a.m. Donkey Jump (10-14)
11:10 a.m. 50yd Dash (6-8)   11:00 a.m. Shovel Race (18+)
11:15 a.m. 75yd Dash (9-11)   11:30 a.m.  PARADE BEGINS   
11:25 a.m. Donkey Jump (6-9)        
11:55 a.m. Shovel Race (18+)        

Events in bold require advance registration.

*On Saturday, the Nordic Council will be putting on a 100 meter Nordic Sprint. This race will start on 6th and end at 8th Street. Please contact the Nordic Council for registration information. The street events will start at 9:00 a.m. as usual.

Full Schedule

Horse Events

NEW: Ring and Steer

(Ages 6 - 9): Contestant with skis on will have a ring of rope in their hand and will be pulled down main street by a horse. The contestant will attempt to lasso the ring around “Prince” the steer’s head as he/she passes by. Fastest time wins. Penalty for missing the steer.

Ring and Spear

(Ages 6 - 9): Five stands will be located on the street with a ring of rope hanging from each stand. Contestants with skis will carry a spear and attempt to collect all five rings while being pulled by a horse down the street. Most rings collected and fastest time wins. Penalties for every ring missed.

Ski Joring

(Ages 6 - 9 and 10 - 14): Contestant with skis will race a flat course down the street while being pulled by a horse. Fastest time wins.

Winter Carnival Ring Spear Ski Joring

Street Slalom

(Ages 6 - 9 and 10 - 14): Contestant with skis will ski a slalom course through a series of cones while being pulled by a horse down the street. Fastest time wins. Anyone missing a cone or falling during performance will be disqualified.

Donkey Jump

(Ages 6 - 9 and 10 - 14): Contestant will attempt to jump off a 2-foot ramp while being pulled on skis by a horse down main street. Longest distance while maintaining a standing position wins.

Shovel Race

(Ages 18 and over): Contestants will situate themselves in a shovel of any type and while being pulled by a horse, will race a flat course down the street. Fastest time wins. Anyone falling off the shovel during performance will be disqualified.

Winter Carnival Donkey Jump Shovel Race

Non-Horse Events

Waivers must be signed by participants or their guardian the day of the event at the start line.

25 Yard Dog and Dad Dash

(Ages 5 and under) Children 5 years old and younger compete against one another while being pulled in a sled or toboggan (no metal runners allowed) by the family dog. All dogs must be leashed and led by the parent/dog owner during the dash. Following the dog competition will be the Dad Dash with Dad on all fours pulling the child. First one over the finish line wins.

Winter Carnival Dog And Dad Dash

3-Legged Race

(Ages 5 - 8 and 9-11) Two people on skis tie legs together (ties provided) and race to finish line. The first pair over the finish line wins.

Obstacle Course

(Ages 4-6, 7-10, and 11-14) Contestants on skis maneuver around a variety of obstacles and then make a straight dash to the finish line. First one over the finish line wins.

25, 50, and 75 Yard Dashes

25 Yard Dash for ages 3-5 years, 50 Yard Dash for 6-8 years and 75 Yard Dash for 9-11 years all on skis.

Winter Carnival Non Horse Events

Street Event Registration

Register early as we can only accept a certain number of kids in each event and spaces fill early. We try to accommodate as many kids as we can in the time we have allotted for the street events. Visit Registration Page

For questions or more information, contact Sarah Leonard, (970) 875-7006.

2016 Results 

Saturday Horse Event Winners


Sunday Horse Event Winners

Street Slalom Age 10 - 14
Ring and Spear Age 6 - 9
1 Morgan Sauerbrey 8.3 sec   1 Jackson Bathke 9.6 sec
2 Matthias Egger 8.75 sec   2 Thomas Agosta 9.7 sec
3 Aspen Bennett 8.78 sec   3 Reed Van Ness 10 sec
Ski Joring Age 6 -9
Street Slalom Age 6 - 9
1 Cash DelliQuadri 7.3 sec   1 Katharina Cosby 8.8 sec
2 Dixie Barnes & Audrey Becker & Quinn Yeager 8.3 sec   2 Leah Sullivan 9.6 sec
3 Zoe Bennett-Manke 8.4 sec   3 Porter Garner 9.8 Sec
Ski Joring Age 10 - 14
Donkey Jump Age 10 - 14
1 Brooks Birkinbine 7.3 sec   1 Kenzie Radway 41 ft., 11 in.
2 Alea Brabec 7.5 sec   2 Matthias Egger 40 ft., 9 in.
3 Max Kenney 8.1 sec   3 Xandar Tatar-Brown 40 ft., 8 in.
Ring and Box Age 6 - 9
Shovel Race Age 18+
1 Sammy Coleman 9.22 sec   1 Jason Worrell 9 sec
2 Drew Picking 9.8 sec   2 Rory Clow 10 sec
3 Grace Felinczak 11.79 sec   3 Mia Griffin 10.3 sec
Donkey Jump Age 6 - 9
1 Koen Strook 44 ft., 8 in.        
2 Ethan Mains 37 ft., 0 in.        
3 Gunner Clay 36 ft., 10 in.        
Shovel Race Age 18+
1 Kate Ratkovich 9.22 sec        
2 Pinkie Garcia 9.24 sec        
3 Michelle Barnes 9.75 sec