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Thrive Together Luncheon Series

  • 522 Lincoln Ave
  • Overview

    Session 3: Make Self-Care Your Daily Habit: Mind, Body & Soul

    July 24 | 12PM to 1:30PM  | 522 Lincoln Ave, 3rd Floor

    Feeling overwhelmed or burnt out? Or just ready to revamp your self-care plan? Let's ditch the struggle and make self-care work for you every day. Join the Chamber and therapist and trusted anxiety confidence coach, Meredith Van Ness, for a session covering:

    - Self-Care Basics: Discover how taking care of yourself fuels your energy, reduces stress, and helps you thrive.

    - Mind, Body & Soul: Explore practical tips for each area:

    • Mind: Manage stress, silence negativity, and boost your mood.
    • Body: Eat well, move your body, and get enough sleep.
    • Soul: Connect with yourself and what matters most.

    - Action Plan (Interactive):

    • Brainstorm simple self-care practices you'll actually do.
    • Build a daily schedule that fits your life by setting boundaries.
    • Learn how you can build self-trust, self-awareness, and self-love by building your self-care routine.

    Meredith Van Ness a dedicated therapist and a trusted anxiety and confidence coach, specializing in empowering women on their journey to overcome stress, anxiety, and self-doubt while stepping into a life of self-confidence. With a profound passion for helping women break free from the cycle of self-doubt, Meredith is on a mission to guide them toward unleashing their true potential and living the fulfilling lives they deserve. As a seasoned speaker, masterclass facilitator, and therapist with over two decades of experience, she has empowered countless women by fostering self-awareness, self-care and nurturing self-esteem, ultimately creating personal empowerment. Outside of her professional pursuits, Meredith finds solace in exploring the great outdoors, embracing her love for yoga, and cherishing the joys of motherhood, raising three remarkable boys. 


  • Event Details
    • Dates: July 24, 2024
    • Location: Routt County Commissioner's Hearing Room
    • Time: 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM
    • Price: Chamber Members - $35 Non-Chamber Members - $50
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