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Startup Meetup: Happy Hour & Conversational Catalysts

  • 1103 Lincoln Ave., Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
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    Startup Meetup: Happy Hour & Conversational Catalysts
    Tuesday July 16th at 5:00pm - 6:30pm
    Steamboat Social Club
    Join us for a happy hour with conversation on Tuesday July 16th at Steamboat Social Club at 5pm. We'll have bubbly drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and interesting conversation with fellow entrepreneurs. 

    In this format, we'll start with a happy hour, then jump into a series of rotating discussions, each lasting 7 minutes. This structure ensures a lively and stimulating environment where ideas flow freely, and every attendee has the opportunity to share insights, experiences, and challenges.
    Our aim is to create a space where founders can inspire each other, explore collaborative opportunities, and spark fresh ideas. Each rotation will feature a new discussion topic, keeping the energy high and conversations impactful. Whether you're looking to exchange knowledge, find potential partners, or simply gain new perspectives, "Conversational Catalysts" is the perfect platform to elevate your entrepreneurial journey.
    Come prepared to contribute, connect, and catalyze change in a supportive and engaging setting. Let’s turn conversations into catalysts for growth and innovation!


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