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Seminars at Steamboat: Cryptocurrency: The Future of Money or All Hype?

  • 950 Strings Road (no mail here, please), Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
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    Lee Reiners, CFA, Global Financial Markets Center, Duke University

    Cryptocurrency: The Future of Money or All Hype?

    Perspective: Cryptocurrencies have come of age holding the potential for faster and cheaper financial transactions than traditional payment models, creating alternative decentralized asset markets and driving significant innovation via the underlying networks that they run on. However, valid concerns exist and range from criminal activities such as money laundering and tax evasion to the safety of digital assets in a currently minimally regulated online world to the impact growth in cryptocurrency adoption might have on the stability of our financial markets. Come hear Lee Reiners, the executive director of Duke Law’s Global Financial Markets Center, provide us with a current state of affairs on the world of cryptocurrencies, what the future has in store for us with such digital assets and the public policy that needs to be put in place to ensure safe and well-functioning markets.

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