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4-H Jr. Livestock Sale & BBQ

  • 398 S. Poplar St., Hayden, CO, 81639
  • Overview

    Join the Routt County 4-H program for their junior livestock sale, taking place at the Routt County fair this August in Hayden. More details are below.

    What is the Jr. Livestock Sale?

    The Jr. Livestock Sale is a livestock sale conducted in an auction format, where bidders are competing to purchase a member's animal for meat. Each 4-H member will show their animal while prospective buyers (you), bid for the animal. If you can’t make it to the sale, you can contact the Extension Office to have a representative bid for you.

    How else can I support the 4-H member?

    You can also support youth by adding on (a dollar amount) to the purchased animal. You can do this in advance by clicking here.

    How do youth benefit from my purchase?

    It's up to the members how that money is used. Most continuing members, after reimbursing parents, reinvest part of the previous year's profits into the next year's projects. Because of this, members learn how to be financially responsible and to critically think about their investments. Members who are in their last year in 4-H generally take what they have earned through the selling of livestock in years past and direct that towards funding their future plans, i.e. college. Your support doesn't go unnoticed and 4-H families value the businesses who continuously show their support of the 4-H program.

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