Rural Jump Start Program

The Rural Jump Start Program is a great opportunity for new or expanding businesses to grow and succeed in Routt County. This program is part of a statewide effort to spur employment and grow rural economies in Colorado. As a qualifying startup or expanding business, you are not only eligible for expansive tax credits, but you will gain access to a powerful support network through our close-knit business community and our local academic partner, Colorado Mountain College.

Program Overview

The Rural Jump-Start Zone program (based on Senate Bill 15-282) is a tax relief program for new businesses and new hires who locate into certain designated areas called Jump-Start zones. The program offers the following benefits:

  • Relief from state income taxes for the new business
  • Relief from the state sales & use tax for the new business
  • Relief from county and municipal business personal property tax for the new business
  • Relief from state income taxes for the employee

Program Structure

This program is jointly administered by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), the Colorado Economic Development Commission (EDC), and the Colorado Department of Revenue. Rural Jumpstart is a joint effort between institutes of higher education, counties, municipalities, businesses and employees.

Institutes of Higher Education

The institutes of higher education (IHE's) are the two and four year public colleges in Colorado, as well as certain specialty schools. The IHE's play a key role in this program, as every business that applies to the program must apply through an IHE and be endorsed by that IHE. The IHE's have are associated with specific counties, so not every IHE can work in every zone.

Colorado Mountain College will connect you to the best and brightest in Routt County. Source skilled employees. Take advantage of programs like the Yampa Valley Entrepreneurship Center. Tap into the business and technology skill-set at CMC.


A business that wishes to participate in this program must be a new business that is locating into the Jump-Start zone. Furthermore, the business must apply to the IHE and be endorsed by the IHE.


Employees who wish to participate in the program must be working for a business that has been approved by the EDC. Employees must be making at least the county median wage, and must work for the new business for six months to receive benefits.

How to Get Started

Rural Jump Start Routt County is for new businesses in need of support. Learn if your business is eligible today by contacting John Bristol, Economic Development Director at the Steamboat Springs Chamber.

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