Location-Neutral Business

A rapidly expanding job sector for people who love the quality of life in Routt County

A growing number of Routt County businesses and individuals could do their work from anywhere, but choose our area for its quality of life. This location-neutral business sector is steadily growing.

The nonprofit Yampa Valley Data Partners has been tracking the growth of location-neutral businesses and employees in the county for the past decade. Growth in this workforce sector has been strong since 2003. In 2015, YVDP estimated that approximately 2,000 location neutral workers call Routt County home.

"Location-neutral businesses are helping to drive the diversification and vibrancy of the local economy," noted Scott L. Ford, a longtime local data analyst. “Routt County and Steamboat Springs often attract individuals who bring their jobs with them.”

Some factors in the growth of location-neutral workers - individuals who live locally but have customers or an employer not located in the Yampa Valley - are continued improvements to telecommunication capabilities and access to transportation options.

An indicator of the strength of entrepreneurial activity in Routt County is the high percentage of households reporting self-employment income - more than twice the national average.