Small Business Seminar

Wed. March 29, 2017

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Colorado Mountain College, 1275 Crawford Avenue

SeminarFinancial Statements for Small Business

Keeping Score of your Business: There are many measurements of the health of a small business. None of the usual tools for valuating a business matters more than the profit loss statement and balance sheet. Learn how to use these tools and more to improve your business in this free small business seminar. Trends, rations, margins, and comparing them over different years can shed light on the path a business is taking. Well organized financials add value to a business and help lenders say yes when an entrepreneur needs to borrow money.

Randy Rudasics, Manager of the Yampa Valley Entrepreneurship Center, former small business owner and MBA from the University of Wisconsin will lead this program. This is a free event. For additional information please click below. To register, please call 970-870-4491.

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