Blogger Courtney Allen, Chamber Staff Member

Last night an energized group including myself from the Steamboat Springs Young Professionals Network sampled one of Steamboat  Springs visitors’ favorite winter activities, snow tubing at Howelsen Hill, for our February “fresh air” activity. At a very chilly 18 degrees the air was definitely fresh as we grabbed our tubes, hopped onto the conveyer belt and headed up the hill.

In a mixed crowd of parents with kids, teenagers from a local youth group and a very exciting group of ladies from Atlanta, GA, we waited in anticipation to take our first trip down the carefully groomed hill. Bets were made on which lane was the fastest and which tubing position would allow for the fastest speed. We soon discovered that we could take “group runs” by linking up to three tubes together and were soon engaged in friendly competition with our fellow tubers.

It would appear that three tubes are better than one in the quest for top speed, but it was the act of stopping that posed a challenge. It would appear, as we nearly slammed into the safety net at the end of each run, we missed those very important instructions from the bundled teenager who was running the show at the top. Luckily, a very amused, rosy-cheeked tike took pity on our mangled bodies and bestowed upon us his superior snow tubing knowledge, “You guys have to drag your feet to stop… duh.” We were stunned by the simplicity of the concept.

With frozen noses and a dozen or so pictures later the “Tubin’ Tuesday Team” concluded that snow tubing is a must-do activity in Steamboat Springs. You can plan your adventure at Howelsen Hill or through in a western twist and visit Yee Haw Hill at Saddleback Ranch.

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