For many people, Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer and the start of fall or the school year.  For our family,Labor Day also marks my husband’s birthday and for the past several years, we’ve spent our Labor Day weekend doing one of my husband’s favorite summer activities: attending the Annual Wild West Air Fest at Bob Adams Air Port on the west side of town.[gallery link="post" columns="3" ids="1924,1921,1922"]

The first summer my husband asked if we could schedule Wild West Air Fest in to our Labor Day weekend plans, I jumped at the chance to plan something neither of us had done before.

The Air Fest features a collection of vintage and wartime aircraft, classic cars, as well as radio-controlled airplane shows – all of which are right up my husband’s alley.  Since Labor Day weekend tends to be one, long birthday celebration, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning than exploring old, wartime aircraft, talking to the owners of vintage cars, and watching my husband get as excited as any other kid at heart would be, to attend such a unique event.  Although the event is similar from year to year, we never miss it and with a kiddo of our own now in tow, we look forward to sharing this summer’s 8th annual Wild West Air Fest with him.

If you go:

*  Parking at Bob Adams Air Port is free, but can be limited so shuttles run to and from the event and town – just park at the community center parking lot.

*  Bring a hat and sunscreen – walking around on the pavement in the summer sun gets warm quickly.

*  There are vendors set up with food, drinks, and souvenirs, so alittle cash is a good idea.

*  Bring a camera!  You’ll want to take photos of these unique planes and cars.

*  Ladies, don’t make the mistake I did the fist year I attended WWAF – a skirt is perfect for summer weather in Steamboat, but if you want to climb inside aircraft, it’s not so easy to do in a dress and heels.


- Guest Blogger, Katherine Hamilton