Cooler weather this weekend made it possible for not one but two hikes around Steamboat Springs. With the weather being so nice, the temperatures cooling and going with a puppy who needed some exercise, it was a great weekend to be outdoors.

Sunday especially was the all inclusive autumn day. Starting the day with a great breakfast at Creek Side Café in Old Town right along Soda Creek, we were about to sit and eat outside because the weather was so nice. Eating outside on a patio in the middle of November? I never thought that was possible. A tasty breakfast was followed by a hike up the Soda Creek Trail on Buffalo Pass with wonderful views of the valley of the pass and the valley. To top the entire day off, after our hike we went to a café in town and got a cup of hot apple cider. Now if that doesn’t sound like the perfect fall day, I don’t know what does.