Blogger Courtney Allen, Chamber Staff Member

Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun so glad you came out to play...for a little while. I am happy to report motorcycle riders, bike riders and t-shirts were in full bloom for a few brief hours this afternoon in Steamboat Springs. I would imagine a few lunches and talks over coffee also moved outside as winter previewed its longtime seasonal guest, spring. The evidence of shorts and flip flops is a testament that for some, the sun is a welcomed sight. However, people of the winter need not worry. As I look out of my window now at five o'clock, the sun is gone and I know for a fact that I will still be scraping snow and ice off my car again tomorrow morning.

As your packing for the drive to Steamboat this weekend for some turns in the snow just remember to throw on a tank top below all those layers. Apres-ski is the perfect time to start working on that summer tan. And, unlike at the beach, no one will stare at you like you are from another planet at the sight of your skin that is as white as snow. You might even get someone to buy you a drink in sympathy.  Besides, the pride and the stories that lie behind that carefully maintained goggle tan is something those beach people will never understand.  Cheers.