Blogger, Paulette Thomas, Chamber Staff Member The Steamboat Springs Young Professionals Networks’ community involvement is vast to say the least. Among the many philanthropic, networking, and outdoor activities, there is a monthly main event. Each month the YPN event is hosted by one of our many restaurants and offers an opportunity for its members to meet and influential member of our community.

This month’s speaker was Ryan Wood, former NFL player and co-founder of Under Amour. Ryan Wood has moved to Steamboat Springs and has established himself as the go to for artisan beef steaks and sausages. With an entire room captivated, hanging on to his every word Ryan described his raise to success in his various endeavors.

Ryan’s story was followed by an open question session, “What makes your meat different?” one YPN member asked. Ryan proceeded to describe the horrors of the average cows’ life an how his ‘happy cows’ would live their whole lives in Routt County and after a long life on a grass diet they would retire with the most delicious ‘night cap’. The “Moo-jito” is an interesting mixer of beet-sugar, ginger, peppermint and rosemary, and without going into too much detail it basically helps the increase their carbohydrate intake and funny enough makes the meat taste a bit sweeter. I can’t think of a more fitting name than Sweetwood Cattle Company. You can enjoy his locally grown artisan meat at many of the restaurants here in Steamboat Springs; Rex’s and Big House burgers to name a few.