The Rocky Mountain Bull Bash PBR is this Sunday September 5th this event showcases the top 45 professional bull riders as they compete against top ranked bulls in what is sure to be two and a half hours of non stop action!

Top tips from a pro on how to ride a bull**: 1. Start by placing your rope down beside the bull so your help can get a hook on it and get your rope put around the bull.

2. Holding on to each side of the chute you want to ease your toes down on the bulls back and slide them down his side. Do not touch him with your spurs until you are ready to ride.

3. Place your riding hand in your rope with the back side of your hand down. Your pinkie should be right next to the bull’s back bone.

4. Let someone pull your rope tight and wrap the rope once around the part of your hand that is closest to you.

5. Ease up to where you are nearly sitting on your hand.

6. Sit up off your butt. All of your weight will be on the inside of your thighs.

7. Bow your chest out. Remember to breathe!

8. Grab a hold with your spurs!

9. Give the gate hands the go!

10. Enjoy the ride of your life!!!

You can get your tickets at Visitor Center or at the gate. Gates open at 3 dirt flies at 5!

**Feel free to use these techniques during the (mechanical) Bucking Bull Battle on September 18th during the OktoberWest celebration.

Blogger, Paulette Thomas, Chamber Staff Member