It is hard to say out loud, let alone write in a blog post but the seasons are changing here in Steamboat Springs. With an abundance of rain this spring, our neck of the woods had one of the greenest summers anyone can remember. June, July and August were absolutely stunning with emerald green pastures and vibrantly lush vegetation. All of this wonderful moisture however has made for a rather short summer season. Don’t get me wrong, fall is my all time favorite season, but I am having a tough time letting summer go. This past weekend, with the help of the sun and some great temperatures I embarked on what I believe will be the last, “weekend of summer.”

How did I celebrate? Nine holes of golf on Saturday at the Steamboat Golf Club, followed by an incredible dinner (my boyfriend’s birthday) at Giovanni’s Ristorante and then a full afternoon on the speedboat at Stagecoach Reservoir. Summer 2009; it was fun while it lasted!

What did you do this weekend? How are you transitioning into fall?

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