When going on vacation, especially to a place like Steamboat Springs, one of the most important things visitors experience isn’t necessarily the events, activities or the food of the new environment and landscape. What seem to be the most important thing about a visitor's vacation is how they feel while they where here, their interactions with locals and whether or not they feel that their needs were met. Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business and in a resort community such as Steamboat Springs, residents truly do hang their hats on long-time traditions of genuinely western hospitality and friendless.

Today, I had the pleasure of giving two “Spurs on Service” presentations to two very enthusiastic groups of service professionals here in Steamboat Springs. Individuals in industries ranging from restaurants and hotels to car dealerships and real estate joined in discussions of community government, customer service, history of Steamboat Springs and popular service tips. Check out more about the Spurs on Service program here.

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