In a small town there are always fun, quirky things that keep you on your toes and make you feel like you are a part of a real community. Sometimes they are funny little things that most people take for grated, but they add so much to everyone’s experience. They can be fun, they can be silly, but they can also be informative.

One of my favorite things in Steamboat Springs is the count down clock on the wall at Azteca Taqueria, a mexican restaurant in Old Town Steamboat. The clock counts down the number of days, hours and minutes until ski season’s opening day. It is kind of funny thing to see when you go to get a burrito in the summer months and the count down on the clock reads that there are over 100 days left.

However, if you walk into Azteca today, or this week, you will notice that there are less than two weeks until opening day on November 21st. It is the date on everyone’s mind; just hop in to Azteca Taqueria to help with your count down efforts.