Sun, slopes and spectacle is abound at the annual Springalicious festival at Steamboat Ski Resort. Twelve days of rocking live music, ski and snowboard competitions and spring skiing antics launch April 1 and go through closing day on April 12.

Among headliners like Steel Pulse, the Motet and Infamous Stringdusters there’s one Springalicious sight that you’ll never forget: the annual Cardboard Classic. Teams race down the Stampede trail in vessels made only cardboard, glue, string, water-based paint, duct tape and masking tape.


Here are six kinds of teams you’ll likely see at the 35th annual Cardboard Classic:

1. Vikings. Someone always makes a Viking ship. Come to think of it, there are usually pirates every year, too. Bonus points for yelling “aargh” while racing down the slope.

2. The team that splits up into separate crafts, like the MarioKart team of Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach cars.  Spoiler alert: they won’t all make it to the bottom.

3. The elaborate float, so beautifully detailed it looks like it belongs in the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade and not on snow.

4. The cardboard creation that falls apart immediately and results in the entire team sliding down the course penguin-style to the raucous cheers of the crowd.

5. The speed racer. It’s not exactly an advantage to go fast in the Cardboard Classic. It leaves no time for style and often ends in a thumping crash against the pads that line the bottom of the course.

6. The anti-climactic cardbroad craft. Despite revving up the crowd and looking super fast, this float won’t go anywhere on “Go!”

See all these and more at the annual Springalicious celebration!