This morning can be summed up in three words. Light fluffy snow.

Heading to work this morning, my car which sits outside at night (no garage for me) was COVERED with snow, a few inches deep on all sides. Seeing snow on your car when you are already running late usually means you will be later than you were anticipating and that your Tuesday morning might start off on the wrong foot. I get out the scrapper and start clearing the windows so that I have a peep-hole to look out of while I drive to work.

Not today though, today the snow was so airy and fluffy that I used my new morning trick to clear my windows. I leave the ice scrapper in my car and just open and shut each door. With this simple movement the snow just falls off my car doors and windows almost like magic. It is a big puff and the snow just flies off, effortlessly. It is a silly thing to take note of, but even when you are not on the mountain skiing or snowboarding you can still appreciate Steamboat’s Champagne Powder®.

However our new dusting of Champagne Powder® will be put to good use today. Today is the 34th Annual Bud Light Cowboy Downhill at the base of the ski area. Check out the link and head on down to this great western event. It should be a lot of fun!