There is nothing I love more than waking up early in the morning in Steamboat and going outside to enjoy the cool, crisp mountain air.  It is so refreshing to ride my bike to work along the Yampa River Core Trail.  As I cruise along, watching all the wildlife along the Yampa, I take pleasure in the coolness, knowing, however, that the day will warm up and will soon be the perfect temperature for swimming or perhaps boating on Stagecoach Reservoir.  By nightfall it will once again be cool and there will be no need for air conditioning when I go to bed.

Hopefully, the weather will stay this way on Saturday for the 200-plus cyclists that Steamboat will be welcoming for the 3rd Annual Tour de Steamboat.  The Tour de Steamboat is a challenging 105-mile bike ride that takes riders on a scenic ride through Steamboat and the surrounding areas and over three difficult mountain passes: Rabbit Ears Pass, Gore Pass and Yellow Jacket Pass.  The ride encompasses over 6,000 feet of elevation change. Quite the feat if you ask me. These riders will surely be leaving early in order to ride all 105 miles and hopefully they can all enjoy the crisp morning air that I love so much.

The Tour de Steamboat is a unique ride in that race organizers like to keep small.  “We cap the ride at 500 riders so that we can keep a personal touch with all the participants and make sure that all of the riders have an enjoyable ride,” says Brad Cusenbary, ride organizer.  The ride is sponsored by Kent Eriksen cycles.  The Tour de Steamboat is based on an old race that took place in the 70’s and 80’s that was started by and often won by Kent Eriksen, so it is fitting that his company now sponsors the ride.  Kent will be riding again this year, be sure to look for him along the route.  Let’s all hope that this beautiful weather we’ve been having will still be in Steamboat so that these riders can have an enjoyable ride here in the beautiful Yampa Valley.

See you next week...