Try not to walk into a local brewery in Steamboat if you’re not planning on tasting a new and exciting brew. The local brews are irresistible and at the breweries you'll hear the entire tale on how and why it was made.

The last time I tried to pick up a few growlers for friends who were arriving in town that day (I always stock the fridge with local brews; it’s a traditional Colorado welcome) I was in for so much more than I expected.

Bright-eyed though he’d been brewing for hours already that day, Butcherknife Brewing Company’s co-owner Mark Fitzgerald asked, “Have you tried the Hefe? Everyone’s been loving the Hefe.”

Before I could even answer, the tap was pulled and a tasting glass was at my fingertips. He was certainly right – the Butcherknife Hefe was in the running for Beer of the Summer 2014 in my book.


His friendly bartending and beer-loving staff took it from there. They would describe each brew in their own words, serving up their passion as a sidecar to every pour. This fall, a new coffee porter debuted, and every day the brewers are hard at work, carefully crafting and designing unique concoctions.

I eventually made it out of there with a few growlers in hand, and then went on to Storm Peak Brewing, where once again I couldn’t resist a few tastings. Several guests sat in the afternoon sun at picnic tables exposed by garage doors flung open to the fresh air.


Our local breweries are constantly rotating their beers with seasonal brews, leveraging the freshest ingredients and the perfect concoctions for any time of year.

Both Storm Peak and Butcherknife have bites on hand – the former has a few snacks and the latter a food truck emitting delicious aromas – but if you’re looking for a true dining experience and hand-crafted beer, look no further than Mahogany Ridge Brewery & Grill. With some of the best food and service in Steamboat, you’ll also be able to taste refreshing and light beers, like the famed Alpenglow Pale Ale and Charlie’s Cherry Ale.

Steamboat Springs is no exception to the craft-beer craze in Colorado. Visit our local breweries and you will get so much more than beer – you’ll get an education and a newfound appreciation for the art of brewing.