Daylight Savings Time

When I was little, my mom rolled the clocks back on Friday before the time change actually occurred.  I always thought she did this to prepare us all for Sunday and for the week ahead.  However, this past weekend I realized she may also have had another motive.  My boyfriend and I drove down to Denver to visit her for a quick Friday-Saturday afternoon trip.  We managed to squeeze in some shopping, errands, and even completed some house projects for her in that day and a half.  When we said our goodbyes my mom had a mischievous smile on her face and thanked us for spending time with her. I hugged her and we set off, on the very familiar drive back to the 'Boat. 

The entire drive home I reflected to my boyfriend on how productive the visit had been and how it felt like we had so much time.  Then, after checking my cell phone, the true teller of time, I realized that my mom had set her clocks back before we got there…We had been suckered!  I realized, in doing so, she managed to make that “extra” hour valid for the entire weekend.  I had to chuckle at my mom’s strategy to get us to spend a little extra time with her. Time is precious…and with the holidays approaching, it flies.

Especially at this time of year, it will seem like there’s less and less time to accomplish everything, but maybe we need to stop, even for just one extra hour, and take some perspective...slow down, and use that extra hour, not for chores or work or errands, but good quality time with loved ones.  I’ll let my mom have that, because it obviously makes her happy, and after all, moms know best!

Blogger, Michelle Krasilinec, Public Relations Manager, Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association