Yesterday, I experienced my first “ski lunch”.  A ski lunch is a delicacy that can only be found in ski towns. It becomes the daily special as the first snow flakes fall and skis find themselves at home again on roofs of cars or sometimes horses here in Steamboat. The ski lunch becomes essential when the gnawing in your gut is coming, not from a lack of food, but from an insatiable urge to rip down a mountain of white, powder spraying in your face, catching air off of a roller, zipping through a perfect tree line even if it is only for two or three runs.

The conditions were perfect, thanks to a mid-week snowfall and despite the chilly temperatures (10 degrees) the sun was out and the sky was blue. The toughest part of this blissful hour was choosing which trails from the massive amounts of open terrain would be most time-effective and then of course, having to leave after only an hour of skiing. Needless to say any ski time is better than no ski time. Isn’t that why we all live in Steamboat after all?