If you are looking out your window or have spent anytime outdoors this weekend than it should be pretty obvious that Steamboat has had a good ole fashion dumping of fresh snow. It was my first taste of our trademark Champagne Powder® and I’d say I got to experience it to the fullest. Saturday, I showed off our mountain to some out of town friends. We had a blast running the chutes off of the Morningside lift and discovering the joy of riding through the Aspen trees in fresh snow. Even the groomers were fast with their new blanket of flakes. We closed down the lifts, exhausted but exhilarated. Off we went to refuel at Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

As Saturday evening brought more snow Sunday was the perfect day to haul out some sleds, compliments of my friend Ryan from Liquid Power Sports out of Ft. Collins, CO. We trekked up Buff Pass to discover powder blowing over our heads as we blasted down the trails in search of the perfect spot to unload and take some turns on our boards. And turn we did!  I’ve never had so much fun riding, weaving in and out of trees and floating over untouched snow. We shuttled up and down all day long before succumbing to the pressure of the oncoming white out storm and making our way back down the truck. Enjoying the backcountry safely with good friends and the right equipment is definitely the best way to take in all Steamboat has to offer in the winter.