I’ve always been a little bit of an adrenaline junkie, so when I heard they were giving out free rides in the Stage 3 Roush Mustang at the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup, my heart skipped a beat.  I wasn’t really sure what the mechanical bells and whistles were to a “Stage 3 Roush”, but it sounded fancy and there was no way I was missing it.


Friday of Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup weekend is traditionally the day of the Autocross and it was no different in the 23rd year.  A few of the Chamber staff and I headed down to the Autocross to see what kind of course these American-made beasts were going to be running that day.


Once we signed our lives away we had to just sit on the sidelines and wait for our turn while the momentum built.  With 150 drivers completing three timed runs you can bet there wasn’t a lot of break in the action. So when they said it was my turn they didn’t have to tell me twice.  I grabbed a helmet and jumped in the roaring Stage 3 Roush ready to take on the elaborately designed track.  I gave a quick smile and thumbs up to the girls just in time to hear the squeal of the tires as we shot out onto the track.


In what reminded me of an unpredictable carnival ride, we zigged and zagged around the track in what felt like going from 0 to 60 in nothing flat over and over again. My body was shifting quickly from one side of the seat to the other around every turn.  When we made the final corner and fishtailed our way to the finish line the whole thing couldn’t have been more than 45 seconds.


“Whoa”, I thought to myself, “I’ll definitely be back to do this again next year.” Hey, maybe they’ll let me drive this time!


Don’t forget to check out the Show n’ Shine on Saturday when all the Mustangs take front and center stage on Lincoln Avenue for viewing. Visit the website  for more details on this Father’s Day Weekend event.