Hi runners,

It’s February and you are hopefully already signed up for the Steamboat Marathon, Half Marathon or 10K ... congratulations! Over the next four months I will be sharing a few blog posts about what you can do to get prepared for your race, from nutrition to race training. My hope is to get you started on the right path. I can tell you that I have a long and storied history with the Steamboat Marathon, this year will be my 19th consecutive running of the race, and at this point I have run into just about every scenario you can imagine. With four months left until race day, you want to start thinking about what your goals are and make sure that you have begun your training program based upon those goals.

cara-blog-webOk, let’s talk goals. You should start to realistically decide what your goals are and start to formulate a plan to execute them. Do you want to run your first full or half marathon, do you want to make your post injury debut, are you going for time or placement or maybe a Boston Qualifier? Maybe you would like to better your time from last year or set a PR, perhaps you just want to have fun, and it should all always be fun by the way. Whatever your goals are, start to visualize what that will look like and how you are going to get there. We know that results do not just happen and that you will need to put in the work. Although I believe everyone should dream big, you should also be realistic about what you have the time and ability to do.

Now that you have a goal in mind, and they can change of course, how will you execute this plan? Do you have a training schedule in mind, will you be using an online training program or maybe even a coach? I think that having a coach is underutilized and can help all types of runners from recreational athletes to elites. Although I rarely follow a training program to a T, I do think that having an outline of what your training needs to look like will help you put in the miles. Lastly I suggest logging your progress in a training journal or online program like Training Peaks. I think it really helps to see your progress.

Thank you for listening runners. I will be going into more specifics about nutrition in my next post, now get out there for a run!


Cara A Marrs, RDN

Cara is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, race director, and an avid runner and skier