Blogger Molly Killien, Chamber Staff Member

Armed with two camelback backpacks full of water, ski poles, smiling faces, an energetic dog and four pairs of snowshoes, I embarked on my first snowshoe hike Saturday with almost a foot and a half of fresh Champagne Powder® and three excited friends. This was my first experience on snowshoes. After countless days skiing on at the Steamboat Ski Area and a few attempts on classic Nordic skis, my impression was that snowshoeing was going to be a walk in the park, literally and figurative.

We chose a trail in the Strawberry Park area of Steamboat Springs to explore. To my amazement and satisfaction, we had the most amazing time. Everything is quieter when you are on snowshoes; you feel much more in touch with nature. I found myself noticing things such as trees, soft noises, snow fall and my legs burning more than I do normally when I am downhill skiing. It was a great escape. A wonderful easy, backdoor adventure. I feel silly that it took me this long to do it, but I advise event the biggest adrenaline junkies to slow down once and a while and take pure pleasure in the simplicity of a snowshoe. I know I will for some time to come.