Nothing like the smell of a wet and soggy doggy. It’s overwhelming each spring, at the Old Town Hot Springs. That’s when every dog in Steamboat is invited to take a plunge in the lap pool for a doggy dip, right before the pool is drained for its annual spring cleaning. It has been a long winter for most of the dogs on deck, so the dip in the warm thermal waters of the hot springs feels pretty good. Some dogs take a running leap while others tentatively poke a paw in the pool. Others chase Frisbees and tennis balls, and a few want nothing to do with the water. Participants pay per pooch to get in and bring dog food donations for the local animal shelter. We’ve had over 100 dogs swimming and playing poolside at a time and they all love it. So do their parents. Check the Old Town Hot Springs website for dates and times of the next Poochy Paddle. www.oldtownhotsprings.org

Guest Blogger, Shannon Lukens, Old Town Hot Springs