Guest Blogger, Michael David Director of the 2010 Cabaret

Well folks rehearsals are underway For the 27th annual Cabaret With the shows in the first week in May Get your tickets without delay

Cheesy rhyhm aside, this year's Cabaret promises to be a show to remember including the standards we all know and love (Police Blotter, politics, national themes, local gossip and wildlife). You'll also see some familiar faces on stage again, side by side with a fresh batch of newbies .  And as always, if we're not upsetting someone, we're not doing our job!

Tickets are going fast and can be purchased at the Depot from 9am-5pm  on tuesday - Friday (until the show) and they are only $30 !! Mark your calendars for this event taking place on Thursday though Saturday, May 6 - 8 at the Strings Music Pavilion.