Over the weekend I took advantage of the sunny weather to take a hike with one of my roommates. Both new to town, we thought it would be fun to hike up historic Howelsen Hill. It was a short but enjoyable hike to the top and the view of the town and the valley beyond was unbelievable. It was so cool to sit on the stagnant chair lift and feel the breeze ruffle our hair. We had fun picking out various locations in town below and watching the setting sun greet all the colors of fall that are still splashed across the hills and trees.

We caught the Olympic spirit (and our breath) as we climbed the stairs to the take off pad for the Nordic ski jumps. As we smiled into the camera, we did our best to imitate the flying poses of the daring athletes that launch off these seemingly endless ramps into the sky. It’s hard to believe that one town could produce so many winter Olympians. 69 and counting. Hooray for Ski Town, U.S.A.

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