Blogger Paulette Thomas, Chamber Staff Member It is my understanding that among the top terms searched in conjunction with ‘steamboat springs’ is ‘apple’. Although one can assume this could be in reference to the delicious fruit I think that this shows a growing interest in Steamboat from Apple and iPhone users. I’ve had an iPhone for  a year and I have to agree with my fellow apple consumers that it makes life so much easier. In the spirit of iPhone users everywhere here are my top 5 iPhone applications to use when living in and/or visiting Steamboat Springs. Best of all, they are all free!

  1. Urbankite - This app has saved me so many times I’ve lost count. It’s a fancy version of the yellow pages in the palm of your hand.
  2. ihandy level - Let’s face it, Steamboat is a do-it-yourself town. Whether you are hanging up a picture or building a box for a mini-park in your backyard, having a level around is just a good idea.
  3. Flashlight - This turns your phone into a flashlight. Perfect for making your way down the unlit walk ways of the Strawberry Park Hot Springs in the dark of night.
  4. Cowbell - You thought that your iPhone did everything - well it does. Turn your phone into a cowbell and you’ll be the loudest fan at the next ski race or upcoming Steamboat Marathon.
  5. Shazam - Have you ever heard a song and wondered who is singing? This app can identify any song within seconds and will tell you more information than you can imagine.