Blogger Paulette Thomas, Chamber Staff Member

My Steamboat driving career has had its ups and downs. A low point was currently after I found myself stuck in a ditch while trying to park along a hiking trail. The high was when I invested in my first set of studded snow tires. I thought that becoming a better driver on winter roads was something that just came with trial and error, but as it turns out there is an option here in Steamboat Springs that provides instant confidence. The Bridgestone Winter Driving School of Steamboat Springs may seem like a frivolous investment since I have almost 10 years of driving under my belt, but I started singing a different tune after recently sliding uncontrollably into a busy intersection with my life flashing before my very eyes.

After a bit of research, The Bridgestone Winter Driving School seems like it could be both fun and informative. The school offers a variety of courses to help students improve in all areas of driving. We are lucky to be living in Steamboat Springs not just because of our mountain, our snow and the great community but also because our driving school is "among the finest in the world" and includes "three specially-designed ice tracks". During a brief phone call to inquire about the different course options and a cost break down the person on the phone said something that got my attention. Apparently your driving coach could come from a rally car racing background! How cool is that? For those of you who don’t know me but being a rally car driver is one of my biggest dreams. My imagination is now running wild and I’m definitely signing up. Even if it doesn’t launch me into a career in rally racing, at least my winter driving is bound to improve. See you on the roads!