Blogger, Paulette Thomas, Chamber Staff Member

As a creature of habit, I got up this morning carrying out my normal routine, including starting my car ten minutes before I am ready to leave. As I walked back in to the house I passed the most beautiful cluster of wildflowers growing in what, just a few weeks ago, was a giant pile of snow. The vibrant blue, yellow and pink seemed to have a magical glow, and for just a moment I thought that my new guests might just wish me ‘good morning’. Now, I know that sounds crazy because flowers can’t talk. That being said, I got the message: spring is here in Steamboat and it promises to be magnificent. I went back inside and changed out of the slacks and sweater I had previously deemed appropriate for today and left a few minutes later wearing my favorite spring dress.

I hope that more people get out today to see the flowers blooming in their yards, because they have something they would like to tell you.