Growing up I didn’t think about transportation to much other than how I was going to get to the pool, what car I would drive when I was16, all of the important stuff you think of as a kid.  Now, in my older years of life I have begun to look at transportation in a different way.  As a kid I never realized how transportation is a critical component of our sense of community and our economic vitality.  Today with the price of gas and transportation these have become daily thoughts.  Tomorrow is the first session of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Transportation and our Economic Future.  This series will discuss how our visitors can access us?  Where do we park?  How can we get our workforce here?  Are there alternatives to congestion points?  Can rail service be of regional value?  What are some of the plans for improving traffic flow and how will they impact your business?  As I look at the present and into the future theses are important topics to discuss and I am very excited others have taken an even bigger interest then me!

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