Living in Steamboat, animal sightings are incredibly common. At least for most people. I have lived in Steamboat for over three years and have yet to see a bear or moose roaming about town. It always seems as though I am a minute late to meet up with friends who just saw a bear on the bike path or I am out of the office when a bear visits the back parking lot.

However, this past Sunday I was leaving a friend’s house when the neighbor hollered over to ask if we saw the moose. I said no and was sure I was once again a minute late. But to my surprise he was right behind the neighbor’s house! We were about 20 yards away from him as he just laid happily in the snow. He was a young bull moose and seemed huge to me. I was told he was actually quite small compared to a full grown male. I stood outside for about 15 minutes just watching him watch me. I couldn’t believe my day had finally come! I saw my first moose!