One of my favorite things about Steamboat Springs is the active lifestyle. People in this town know no limits when it comes to trying new sports, activities or recreational events.

In an effort to live this active lifestyle, the past two summers a group of friends and I have participated in the City of Steamboat Springs’ sand court volleyball league through the Parks and Recreation department. With the gorgeous summers here in Steamboat Springs playing outdoor volleyball was loads of fun.

Our team, who is more in to the league for the fun and camaraderie than intense spiking, took on a new challenge this fall by enrolling in the indoor volleyball league also organized by the city’s Parks and Recreation department. Monday night’s are our game nights and I am VERY proud to report that our team, the “Killerz” won our first game! We’ve even got bumps and bruises to prove it was a great game. Here is hoping for a fun season!

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