As part of the Steamboat  All Arts Festival, we will be offering workshops in painting, photography, writing  and of course DANCE. The African Dance workshop will be held on Saturday, August 21st from 10am-11am at The Depot. Tickets to all the workshops are still available.

"I have always wanted to try African Dance.  Sounds of a drum beat, colorful outfits, fast dancing feet, and creative body movements.  Who wouldn’t want to give this a whirl?   It is an eclectic rhythm from the body and soul.  It was something I could watch in awe and think to myself, I have to try that!  I had one problem though; I am not a dancer.  I never took dance classes as a child, and then in college, I was too intimidated to start dancing at an adult age.  I was depriving myself of the elements of dance because I was nervous?  I had to put that fear aside.  Fortunately, a friend told me about the African Dance classes offered in Steamboat Springs.  She expressed how wonderful the African Dance community is and how they welcome people of all ages, ability, and levels.  It would be OKAY to be the “new” dancer, and no one would laugh or make fun of me.  Okay, I thought… what do I really have to lose?

So, last winter I went to my very first dance class and African Dance it was!  Although my uncoordinated feet couldn’t keep up, I was smiling and loving it the entire time!  The teachers and other attendees were very welcoming, encouraging, and fun.  There were even other “newbies” in the class.   I learned all about African Dance, culture, drumming, formation, and even freedom of expression.  It felt great to stomp my feet, shake my body, and whale my hands around all while dancing to the drums.  I had a blast and met some great people.  I then made it a goal to continue.

As a couple months and a few dance classes went by, I thought it would be fun to bring my sisters (who are visiting Steamboat for the summer) to an African Dance class.  They too had a blast.  We were dancing, smiling, and laughing the entire time.  I still consider myself a newbie, but the essentials of African Dance never get old.  Together, we all had an amazing time.  I encourage anyone – young or old, new or pro to give this a try.  I promise, it won’t be short of an ear to ear grin with a stomping, shaking, and drum-ful of a good time.

Blogger, Kyleigh DeMicco, Chamber Staff Member